Rules FDP

1. Candidates

The competition is open to any Final Degree Project from Spanish Universities or international universities with comparable studies. Students can submit final degree projects presented during the 2018/201a academic year, before 24th October 2019. 

Projects entered for the competition must make substantial use of ceramic floor and/or wall tiles in the project.

All the drawings do not necessarily have to match those submitted to the corresponding School of Architecture. Designs can be therefore improved following submission for the final degree project and prior to entry in the competition
Entry implies the acceptance of these rules.

2. Prize

First prize: 5.000 Euros

Each prize will be taxed in accordance with current legislation. 

The panel of judges reserves the right to make special mentions in order to highlight outstanding characteristics of certain projects. 

The winning projects will be published on the official competition website, as well as in the special book published to commemorate the competition and in the press dossiers published around the world. 

3. Submission of entries

The required documents must be sent by WeTransfer (digitally) and by post.

WeTransfer-Digital format

The projects must be sent up to October 24th at 23:59, by three easy steps: 

      1- Visit the web and fill in the registration form.

      2- Automatically, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a reference number and a link to We Transfer. Clicking on that link, you have to send all the required documents in a zip* folder named as the project’s author. 

      3- Once we receive and download all the documents you have sent via we transfer, you will receive another email confirming its reception and its download.

Participants must enclose these documents in the zip folder:

      • Picture of the author: 300dpi resolution in jpeg or tiff

      • Project specifications: Brief text explaining the project’s concept and the materials used on it, pointing out the use of ceramic tiles. This document can be .doc or .pdf

      • Plans: Floor plans, façades, sections and details where the use of ceramic tiles is specified. You can include as many drawing, images, pictures and renders as you want in order to make the project understandable. 

      • Panels: You can include up to four DIN-A2 panels summing up the conception of the project in order to understand it. These panels must include the most important project representations and they must be printed and submitted also by post.

Paper format - by post 

     - Printing on high-quality paper. Up to two DIN-A2 summarizing the project visually. They must include the most important project representations.

      - Dossier DIN-A3 with a maximum of 10 sheets. It must include: 

            · Plans, graphics, photographs and drawings describing the project including detailed drawings showing how the ceramic tiles have been applied. 
            · Brief text stating the projects description and its aims (no more than 200 words) as well as justifying the reasons for selecting the ceramic tiles used in the project (maximum 300 words)

All documents must be clearly identified with the title of the project and the name(s) of the designer(s). 

Documents must arrive at ASCER (Ronda Circunvalación, 186. 12003 Castellón) before October 24th at 18:00.

There is the possibility of printing the panels and dossier by sending them to a printer located in Castellon so you can save the charges of sending them by post. If you are interested in this option, please contact

4. Panel of judges

The panel of judges, who will abide by the competition rules, will be made up of:

Chairman: Jacob van Rijs (MVRDV)
Members: Inês Lobo, Eugeni Bach, David Lorente (HARQUITECTES), Héctor Ruiz Velázquez, Tomoko Sakamoto, Ramón Monfort

The responsibilities of the panel of judges are as follows:

- Judging the entries. The minutes must include a reasoned account of the judges' decision, and each member may include individual reasons for their vote.

- The jury will act collectively and the winner must obtain a majority of the votes. If any judge is also the author of a shortlisted work, they may take part in the voting for all entries except their own.

- The prize must be awarded and cannot be split between two entries.

- The judges may reclassify the entries.

- The judges' decision is final.

5. Calendar and submission of entries

Documents must be sent in a zip folder by We Transfer to an d by post as it is stated in the point 3 of these rules. 

Deadline for the digital format is on 24th October at 23:59h. 
Deadline for receiving the paper version is on October 24th at 18:00h.

You can contact ASCER for any queries addressing to the secretariat of Tile of Spain Awards:

ASCER (Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturers’ Association)
Tel.: +34 964 72 72 00

The judges’ decision will be published on 

6. Co-operation

All contestants agree to co-operate with the organization of the Tile of Spain Awards in Architecture and Interior Design (ASCER) and attend to any press and other media that wish to interview them or visit and photograph their projects. No reproduction rights will be payable on any document submitted for the Awards and the information may be used for advertising purposes (in publications, exhibitions and the media)

7. Data protection

Participants are informed that the personal data collected will be processed by ASCER, with address at Ronda Circunvalación, 186, CP 12003 Castellón de la Plana, and will be treated with the purpose of the proper management of the communications, acts and publications of the Association and its associates with respect to third parties that, like you, are in contact with ASCER.

It is compulsory to complete the data collected, otherwise the application could not be answered.

You may exercise your right to access, rectification, limitation and deletion of data by writing to ASCER, Ronda Circunvalación, 186, CP 12003 Castellón de la Plana or accessing the following link:

8. Return of work 

ASCER will return the projects to those candidates who request it (except digital formats), within a month following the announcement of the judges’ decision with the exception of the winning projects and those that have received a special mention.