Jury's judgement

The judges decided to award first prize to the project entitled “Multipurpose Teaching Hall at the Gavina School” by Carmen Martínez Gregori, Carmel Gradolo Martínez and Arturo Sanz Martínez.

This project reflects simplicity and effectiveness in architecture, with a particular focus on the inclusion of ceramic tiles as a means of resolving acoustic and light control difficulties. The way the material is used also cleverly creates a connection between the interior space and its surroundings.

A special mention went to “Saint Roch Car Park” by Archikubik (Miquel Lacasta, Marc Chalamanch, Carmen Santana).

This project was praised for the original and systematic use of ceramic tiles as visual and sunlight filter, adding a sense of unity to this multi-functional building.

Interior Design 

The judges decided to award first prize to the “Blue Wave Cocktail Bar” by El Equipo Creativo.

Highlights of this project include the intriguing exploration and application of the technical and functional qualities of ceramic tiles. It cleverly manages to create an outstanding, festive atmosphere that reflects the use these premises will be put to.

The judges decided to give two special mentions

- “Disfrutar Restaurant” by El Equipo Creativo. A project that cleverly explored the possibility of ceramic tiles and their applications.

- “L’Àtic Vernacle” by El Fabricante de Espheras. A project that reflects simplicity and austerity in the choice of materials, skilfully creating a delightful living space.

Final Degree Project category 

The judges eventually agreed to award first prize to the project entitled “Transhumant Renovation” by Laura Alonso Blasco from the Madrid School of Architecture.

Particularly appreciated was her in-depth technical knowledge and understanding of the material and the experimental use of ceramic tiles. The judges also stressed the development of this project and the processes employed in order to achieve an integrally aesthetic product that takes full advantage of the possibilities for use”.

A special mention went to the project entitled “Mataró Sea Promenade” by Héctor Durán Sánchez, a student at the University of Girona.

Its outstanding features included the skilful choice of materials as a covering solution and the expressive effect that adds character to the setting.

The panel of judges also decided to award a further two mentions to the “Archaeological Centre in the Alhambra” by Agustín Gor Gómez (Granada School of Architecture) and “An Integral Renovation Tale: [re]constructing a landscape that never existed” by Jorge Borondo Pérez-Gómez (University of San Pablo CEU Madrid).
In both cases, the judges highlighted the standard and quality of the proposals in relation to their context.